Tuesday, 6 March 2012

TWD - Baking with Julia - Rugalach

This was for us a three day baking event. The first day we made the pastry and then left it in the fridge. The second day we made the filling etc and rolled the Rugalach. The final day was cutting to shape, topping and baking.

Here we have the sugar mix for the filling in the background and the nut and sugar mix for the topping in the foreground.

We didn't have lekver so we used apricot preserve.

Rolling was quite hard to start... I did think that it might have been easier to roll it in paper... maybe next time.

We also made a second version using Nutella (chocolate spread), the same sugar and cinnamon mix and chopped nuts. This was delicious and we recommend it!

Hey presto, the finished article.... there was a lot more... for awhile :)


  1. I want to try the Nutella, that would be delicious.

  2. a Nutella version sounds awesome!

  3. they look perfect, nicely done :)

  4. They look great.
    And Nutella is never a bad idea :-)